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Turkish Residency Permit

Turkish Residency Permit

Turkish Residence Permit

If you want to stay in Turkey for longer than your visa you will need to apply for a residency permit.

There a number of different residency permits which you may be eligible for.

Lets us help you work out what is most appropriate and support you through the process with our experience English speaking consultants.

Turkish Residence Permit Application

For over 2 years we have helped foreigners with their immigration formalities.

During this time we have seen multiple legislative and administrative changes, there is a lot to keep up with.

This is one of top 5 most used business services used by our clients .

Imagine if you had to do it yourself or it is your first time in Turkey the process can be daunting and confusing.

you will be provided with full support from a dedicated consultant.

They will hand hold you through out the process from start to finish be there to answer your questions as well as inform you on progress and any changes made by the authorities which may impact you.

Who can qualify for a residency permit in Turkey?

Owners of property in Turkey 

  • Spouse of Turkish citizen
  • Family members of foreigner with valid work permit in Turkey
  • Foreigners who can certify their income from abroad for the last 6 months and the reason of staying in Turkey with permanent address.

Consultation : 

Our experience has taught us that some individual’s s are more difficult than others, therefore to we offer a consultation service to our clinets both inside and outside Turkey. This one hour session gives you answers to the questions you have and for you to decide how to progress your application.

Consultations can either be by telephone or skype and are by appointment.


  • Short-Term Residence Permit (+Extension) (From start to finish)
  • Long Term Residence Permit (From start to finish)
  • Student Residence Permit (+Extension) (From start to finish)
  • Family Residence Permit (+Extension) (From start to finish)

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